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The surface can be Decorative to a number of natural wood finishes such as teak, mahogany, Walnut, Maple, Camphor, Tan, Pine oak, rosewood, cherry, etc. / Stone / Special effective Decorative finishes. These doors are less susceptible to damage, peel, crack, warping or bow. And more importantly, these doors are environment friendly and 100% recyclable

They are more robust than timber/ pvc / upvc / aluminium and are preferred by many Residential / commercial enterprises for various design options while meeting safety and security parameters, Our general doors have, over the years proved to be maintenance-friendly, Long lasting and eco-friendly

Single Rebate Window:

A Single rebate steel window is made of Galvanized sheet of zinc coat 120 grams per square meter. The galvanizing sheet is 100% rust protected. The material of construction (moc) of Outer frame of single rebate steel is galvanizing sheet with thickness of 0.8 mm. Similarly we use 0.6 mm Galvanized sheet for shutter profile.

Double Rebate Window:

Double rabate Steel window consists of a Outer frame , Glass shutter, Secured Grill and a mosquito mesh of ss304 material

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